Team Approach

Over the last 10 years, Project Assurance Group - West has listened to our clients and tested the most advantageous approach in meeting their needs. As a result of this, we have established strategic alliances that support our core business deliverables addressing specific business objectives.

Internally, we have extensive and broad-based expertise with methods for project delivery, construction audits, forensic work and California labor compliance. This is complemented by the use of experts in the fields of assessment analyses and program management. We can now guarantee that we have developed an enviable liaison with some of the most talented and experienced professionals. Our group is a cohesive collaboration of professionals, dedicated to providing successful client service in their construction and operational programs.

We understand our client needs. In a College Maintenance & Operation Assessment engagement, we brought in experts from across the country - a university architect, an organizational development expert, and a facilities space professional.

The resumes of all team members of Project Assurance Group - West are readily available to you, please do not hesitate to inquire. We will build the most innovative team to match your organizational needs and surpass your expectations.

Patti Campbell
President & CEO




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