Capital Project Delivery

Project Development Manual - Determine if Owner’s manual clearly defines key roles and responsibilities of project consultants, and adequately reflects industry standard controls.

Construction Contract Analysis - Identify all construction contracts being utilized for capital improvements, and determine if documents provide consistency and adequate controls.

General Conditions Review - Determine if GC’s adequately protect the Owner from unnecessary construction costs and include clear requirements for cost support. We will review GC’s for adequacy in specific areas relating to change order mark-ups, Owner’s right to audit, assessment of liquidated damages, allowable and unallowable costs, equipment rental provisions and insurance coverages.

Change Order Processes - Perform sample testing of construction change orders to determine if appropriate internal approvals are obtained and if change orders are supported in accordance with contract document requirements.

Construction Consulting Fees - Assess whether non-construction fees are reasonable and accurately reflect services provided by outside consultants. Determine current percentages being paid for these services within the Owner’s capital improvement program. This will include an analysis of A/E fees and project/program management services.

Construction Project Reporting - Determine if timely reporting processes are in place and whether they accurately reflect anticipated spending.

Report of Analysis - Provide the Owner with a report of findings and recommendations to further improve current policies and procedures.





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