California Labor Compliance

The California Director of Industrial Relations has approved Project Assurance Group – West as a third party administrator for implementation of their approved Labor Compliance Program (LCP).

PAG – West’s monitoring services include:

  • Participation in pre-construction conferences to ensure contractors and subcontractors fully understand the requirements of the LCP.

  • Confirming that correct prevailing wage amounts are being paid to employees and that they are properly classified.

  • Conducting on-site interviews of contractor and subcontractor employees to ensure they are being paid prevailing wages for their correct classification.

  • Collecting and maintaining contractors’ certified payroll records during construction.

  • Maintaining a database of all certified payroll confirmations, variances and corrections.

  • Recommending contractor payment withholdings when violations occur.

  • Initiating legal actions for violations that are not resolved through public code remedies.

    The cost for this service is based on the scope required by the Awarding Authority, whether Assembly Bill 1506 applies or whether an awarding authority elects voluntary monitoring.



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